Antigua's Sanctuary for Dogs & Cats

PAAWS (Protect Antiguan Animals With a Smile), registered March 1996, has its Animal Rescue and Re-homing Centre located in Parham, Antigua and is licensed by the Dog Registration and Control Authority. 

PAAWS is associated with the RSPCA and has been a member of the Caribbean Animal Welfare Group. 

In the past 12 years PAAWS has helped over 1,500 dogs and cats to find new loving & caring homes.

PAAWS is a no-kill shelter, which gives priority care to abandoned, neglected or abused animals.

Help us save lives and fight animal cruelty!




Cat and Kitten Fostering Scheme


To help find homes for our many kittens and cats we have initiated a cat and kitten fostering scheme. This enables people living in Antigua to take a cat home without the worry of what happens when, or if, they move off Island.

PAAWS guarantees that we will take
these cats back if necessary.

We particularly hope that this will appeal to students, many of whom like to come and volunteer with us. We hope that they will be fostering when the new school year begins and after their summer break.

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Tel:   +1 268 561 1484
Cell:  +1 268 782 1484



The Happy Hotel for Dogs (and Cats)

Going away on holiday and don't have anyone to look after your dog or cat?

Don't worry. We will take good care of your pet, while you are away. We give personalized service to accommodate the needs of your loved one, and our competitive prices are based on their requirements, and length of stay.

Boarding fees have been vital towards helping the shelter dogs.

Your dog will get his/her own fenced kennel with dog house, which will be cleaned twice daily. He/she will also have daily playtime in the yard, where he/she can run around, enjoying the company of many new friends.


Drawing kindly contributed by former President Nora Nedden


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PAAWS Shelter: Parham, Antigua, West Indies
Mailing address: PO Box
W325, Wood Center, Antigua, West Indies
Tel:   +1 268 561 1484
Cell:  +1 268 782 1484